How To Get Reposted

At Abella Eyewear, we get about 150 tags per day, and we pick the best photos to repost. Luckily, only about 10% of submissions follow the guidelines so the competition isn't all that tough.

Here's are the guidelines:

  • Tag us in the photo, not the caption. Tagging us in the caption does nothing but send a notification, which never see as we get dozens of notifications per minute. We check the tags tab on our profile page once a day to schedule the best posts. We review every photo.
  • Take your photo outside. Indoor mirror selfies wearing sunglasses are not something we would like to post on our account. Car selfies are sometimes boring unless you have a lot of window or sun roof in the photo or at least strong lighting from them. The ideal photo would be at the pool, at the beach, or on a boat
  • Do it on a sunny day. There are some great editing apps but everyone can see through brightness editing due to bad lighting on a cloudy day.
  • Have someone else take the photo. Selfies are fine, but our best photos have someone else taking the photo.
  • Don't use Snapchat filters. No dog ears, etc.
  • Don't use borders. We hate the white or black bars on the sides of photos. We don't post those on our page.
  • Don't post any other brand of sunglasses in the photos. If you have a friend wearing another brand, have them take them off.
  • Wear the sunglasses. Believe it or not, we actually get some submissions with people wearing the sunglasses on their head or hanging off their shirt collar and not their face.
  • Get reasonably close to the camera. The glasses should be easily viewable.
  • Study what we repost. If you can replicate what we are posting, or do something better, you'll surely get reposted.
  • Be patient. We schedule posts 45 days in advance. If you have a good photo, it may be reposted in a few weeks.
  • Post often. Every post is technically another submission. The more you post, the better the odds are that we find something we like. You don't need to post an album as we generally don't have time to tap and flip through each of those.
  • Don't ask us. There's no need to DM @abellaeyewear. The staff who monitor those DMs do not select the photos for reposting - the cofounders do. If we like the photo you tagged us in, we will queue for reposting. There are no favorites.